Gym Fitness Gloves

Gym Fitness Gloves

1. Super breathable

These lightweight gym gloves are made with high-quality ultralight microfiber. 

Breathable mesh and vents on the back keeps your hands dry. 

Tiny holes between fingers will improve the breathability of the whole glove.


2. Full palm protection, half finger fit & stronger grip

The premium weightlifting glove covers the entire palm and the thumb of your hand is also protected. They feature a half finger fit.

A palm design features Silicon Printed Neoprene, providing stronger grip on the barbell, dumbbell, weightlifting, pull up bar, muscle up rings, kettlebells, and more!  

This provides a much better grip than traditional leather palm gloves. No more torn hands and no more calluses.


Additional details: 1 pair of gloves.

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