KAI (Keep At It) Active is a lifestyle and fitness apparel label that caters to active individuals. The brand came to be with the ethos that fitness is a journey that encompasses so many activities, requiring us all to work hard and keep at it. The brand is more than simply working out in great clothing – it’s about persevering and continually pushing yourself to do more.


We see more and more fitness programs coming on board with huge turnout, as well as an increased support base for a variety of sporting events and activities. We want to provide people with great clothing options to work out in. Working out shouldn’t be uneasy – you should feel comfortable and confident in your clothes while pushing yourself to do more physically. KAI provides quality and comfortable clothing for people throughout their fitness journeys, from people who are fully in the fitness scene to those just starting.

KAI Active is unique because it is a customer-oriented company – we listen to our customer’s feedback about the clothing and what they’re looking for in their fitness journeys. In the time that KAI Active has been operational, we have received feedback from customers on the fit, color selection, feel of the material, etc., and we take this information into our design process when creating new items. Our customers drive our journey. 


All our clothes are made with material that is breathable and lightweight, and in a variety of colors. Each piece is also made with design in mind - from mesh panels or color block effects in women's clothes, to reflector panels and v-neck or round neck designs in men's, our clothes are functional and fashionable.