KAI (an acronym for Keep At It) Active is a active lifestyle apparel brand that caters to active individuals. The brand came to be with the ethos that an active life is a journey that encompasses so many activities, requiring us all to work hard and above all, to KEEP AT IT. KAI is a choice, it’s about persevering and continually discovering yourself and what works for you. 


We are fully aware of the role that an active, fitness driven lifestyle can have on an individual. Weather you are an aspiring athlete, a professional athlete, you have personal fitness targets and are driven, or it's your form of self-therapy,  its your personal cleanse, or you are on this journey to silence someone else, we want to provide you with options to work out in. Working out shouldn’t be uneasy – you should feel comfortable and confident in your clothes while pursuing your goals, whatever that goal may be. KAI provides an apparel option for people throughout their fitness journeys, from people who are fully in the fitness scene to those just starting. We urge you to Keep At It. 

We respect and recognize those that came before us and all stakeholders who are playing their role on this active lifestyle scene. To the trainers, the bloggers, the journalist, the event organizers, the regulators, the leagues, the other brands, the sport facility owners, the gyms, thank you all for what you do and for paving the way for individuals today to pursue the vast options of an active lifestyle, which is extremely critical in the world that we live in today. KAI intends to play our role, we do not know where this journey will take us, but we are fully immersed. Keep At It


All our clothes are made with material that is breathable and lightweight, and in a variety of colors. We continue to experiment with fabric, colours as well as design. With each piece we are getting better, we know it and our customers know it. From mesh panels or color block effects in women's clothes, to reflector panels and v-neck or round neck designs in men's, our clothes are functional and full of grace. There is so much room for discovery and improvement. We need your support to allow us for further experimentation.